Ad Blocking Software Is Killing Display


The display ad is dying. The Awl: If ad-blocking becomes ubiquitous (and there’s nearly every reason to think that it will be!) it will be devastating for publications who derive much or all of their revenue from advertising—which comprises most of the professional publications on the internet. From Welcome to the Block Party Yes, ad … [Read more…]

The Three Biggest Mistakes Recruiters Make With Millennials


While a lot of supposed differences between generation are overblown, in some ways Millennials do need to be recruited differently than older generations. I get contacted by recruiters a lot. Brands need writers, badly. In my interactions with recruiters, I’ve identified some patterns that I think point to a disconnect between Gen X recruiters and … [Read more…]

The Big B2B Content Marketing Lesson from Freakonomics

Psychology and marketing: A match made in heaven. Specifically behavioral psychology. That’s why every marketer should make the Freakonomics Podcast appointment listening. Or, as I call it, the behavioral psychology and economics podcast. A recent episode about Prudential’s award-winning series of ads starring Harvard Behavioral Psychology Professor Daniel Gilbert is a perfect example of what … [Read more…]

How to Get More Talented Writers into Content Marketing

My day job is content marketing. It’s a fantastic, growing field. It’s perfect for someone who loves creating excellent content and is passionate about marketing. I recently read a post about the dearth of talent in content marketing. I get messages from recruiters on LinkedIn constantly. We’ve had a hell of a time adding new writers … [Read more…]

Don’t Start a Blog

People tell me pretty regularly that they’re thinking about starting a blog. This is my advice: Don’t. There are a lot of good reasons to write regularly. It helps you organize your thoughts. It helps establish your expertise on a topic. It helps connect you to new people in your area of interest. There are … [Read more…]