Essential SEO Functionality for a Blogging Platform

Here’s some essential SEO functionality for a blogging platform for when you’re trying to choose between blogging platforms, or your IT department is building you one. If you get to choose, go with self-hosted WordPress and get a few SEO plugins and you’ll be as good as it gets. But sometimes you’ll have to have your … [Read more…]

SEO behind the scenes – www versus non-www URLs

SEO behind the scenes – www versus non-www URLs I’m ‘bout to get geeky on you. It’s funny when you think you know everything you need to know about an SEO issue. For example, I thought I had www versus non www URL problems all figured out. If you’re not familiar with the problem, I’ll … [Read more…]

How SEO Can Get You a Job

Getting a job and SEO have the same goals when you think about it: enable people who want what you’ve got to find you. Here are three ways to use SEO tactics to find a job. 1. Own the SERPs. Make sure the Google results for your name are favorable. Ideally, your site with your … [Read more…]

Microsites and SEO – friends or foes?

I often see companies starting microsites. Most of them don’t realize the impact a microsite can have on their SEO efforts. Microsites aren’t always a bad idea, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before you spend any time/money building one. The purpose of a microsite There are a few possible reasons you … [Read more…]

Add a privacy policy for that extra SEO oomph

All else being equal, Google likes a site with a privacy policy better than one without one. Looks like few, if any, of the competitors for “internet marketing Birmingham” or “Birmingham SEO” have one. I just copied the one off of the Better Business Bureau website:, customized it (a little) and added it to … [Read more…]

SEO sometimes reveals problems with your business

The Google search algorithm is ceaselessly, maddeningly logical. It has one, simple goal: provide searchers with what they’re looking for. It has bots that crawl the web, looking for sites that are relevant to a searcher’s query and authoritative on the query’s subject. It measures relevancy by looking at what’s on the page. It measures … [Read more…]