Ad Blocking Software Is Killing Display

The display ad is dying.

The Awl:

If ad-blocking becomes ubiquitous (and there’s nearly every reason to think that it will be!) it will be devastating for publications who derive much or all of their revenue from advertising—which comprises most of the professional publications on the internet.

From Welcome to the Block Party

Yes, ad blocking will become ubiquitous. Just ask Apple.

“I suspect there are going to hundreds if not thousands of ad blockers in the App Store from day one,” said Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper and Overcast. He was quoted Fortune: “It’s going to be a massive rush, because they’re just so easy to make.”

Further proof that the display ad’s days are numbered: Mobile ads aren’t as profitable for publishers as desktop ads. Not by a long shot. Publishers cannot monetize eyeballs on mobile like they can on desktop.

The death of display won’t just be devastating for publishers. It’ll also disrupt all the businesses that get a significant portion of their leads from their advertising.

The advertising-for-content model is dying. Publishers will go the way of newspapers. In the future, brands will publish directly.

Publish or perish, that’s been the motto for aspiring professors. But it’s also the mantra of savvy marketers. Ad blocking means brands can’t just interrupt people’s consumption of content they actually want with their annoying marketing messages.

And, really, thank God for that. It’s a stupid model, and I can’t wait to see it die.

Ad blocking means that getting eyeballs will require more than money + ad. Getting attention will require creating something people want to look at.

This world is coming. It is what people want. It makes sense.

Smart brands will start figuring out how to start creating things people want to look at.

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