How SEO Can Get You a Job

Getting a job and SEO have the same goals when you think about it: enable people who want what you’ve got to find you.

Here are three ways to use SEO tactics to find a job.

1. Own the SERPs.

Make sure the Google results for your name are favorable. Ideally, your site with your resume and samples will rank number one, followed by your social media profiles. If this isn’t the case, do some SEO to make it so.

2.Be in the right place, at the right time, online

Headhunters use LinkedIn to find people to hire. Get found on linkedin by putting the keywords from your current or desired industries in your profile so when headhunters search your profile shows up.

3. Pimp my resume

To filter out applicants, some companies run their received resumes through software that discards the resumes without certain keywords. Be sure that every important keyword from a job description makes it into your resume. For instance, if the job is a corporate customer service job, don’t just put “experience” on your resume, put “corporate customer service experience.”

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