SEO your press release – how SEO and public relations can be besties

One of my clients has contracted with a public relations expert so I’m going to meet with him to talk about incorporating SEO best practices into his PR efforts.

So I’ll share with you what I’ll share with him.

1. Always link consistently.

Example: if your website’s home page lives at, don’t like to it with

2. Don’t allow unnecessary 301s.

Ex: Business Wire automatically 301s the links from your press releases to their site and then on to its destination in order to track clicks. If you have decent analytics in place — for example Google Analytics or Omniture — you don’t need Business Wire to track links. If you let them 301 your links, you’ll lose link juice for no reason. It took a couple of phone calls to remove the 301 and make no-301 the default. Make sure every wire service does the same.

3. Use ideal anchor text.

What do you want the page to which you’re linking to rank for?

No: click here to learn more about bird cameras.

Is it useful to rank for “click here?”

Yes: Learn more about bird cameras.

Is it useful to rank for “bird cameras?”

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