New experiment – Facebook Advertising for Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture

I’m trying a new thing with a dual purpose. Most pressingly, I want to practice list building through advertising content and second, I want to practice reporting on said activities. Second, I want to grow my Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture email list.

What I did:

Connected my Google Analytics account to my MailChimp account.

Created a subscriber form popup in MailChimp.

Put the code for the MailChimp subscriber form popup in a text widget on

Created a Facebook page for Cathy Reisenwitz.

Created a post from the page with my last blog post.

Promoted the post to my default audience for the page at $5.


I want to figure out how to best track the conversion rate for my sponsored post (where conversion is an email signup).

Next moves:

When campaign ends, if there are new subscribers I need to see how to relate them to the ad.

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